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the_unspoken's Journal

13 August
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i like yooou.
adam sandler, adobo, aim, american beauty, angelina jolie, art, being happy, black, blue, bob marley, books, boys, bracelets, cameras, candy, caramel fraps, cds, cheesy romance movies, concerts, controversial topics, cooking, creating, dali, dancing, deftones, diamonds, directing, donnie darko, downloading songs, dredg, dresses, dvds, eating, edward norton, ella fitzgerald, everything, faith, family, fight club, filming, finch, flowers, foo fighters, food, fried chicken, friends, funny movies, gilmore girls, girl interrupted, going to the beach, hair dye, happy gilmore, hugs, ice-cream, incubus, inside jokes, intelligence, jackass, john cusack, john mayer, jokes, kid pictures, kisses, kissing, late night phone calls, laughing, learning, lilo and stitch, lipgloss, live bands, local bands, lord of the rings, make up, make-up, matthew broderick, mixed cds, movies, mp3s, museums, music, my friends, my room, napping, nebulous, new school supplies, no doubt, no homework, norah jones, old school michael jackson, oldies, orange juice, painting, pearl drinks, philosophy, pictures, piercings, pink, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, polka dots, pop art, psychology, radiohead, rage against the machine, rain, randomness, reading, recess, red hot chili peppers, rite aid, room decorations, roy lichtenstein, salvador dali, save ferris, saved by the bell, shoes, shopping, sigur ros, singing, skirts, sleeping, smiling, snowboarding, sparkly things, stars, sushi, swimming, system of a down, talking online, tapioca express, tattoos, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cure, the mars volta, the rules of attraction, the virgin suicides, trading spaces, unjust, urban outfitters, vintage clothing, virgin suicides, walmart, water, white, white rabbits, winona ryder, writing, you and your mom!